There's a distinction between songs that we write and songs that we just produce and the Hanson project was a project where someone at a record company sent us a demo tape of "MMM Bop." My first favorite group was The Jackson Five and this just took... I didn't know any thing about the band... it just took me right back to when I was seven or eight years old and I was like "wow this is a great song." And so we were just delighted to get involved with with the band on that. But yeah, you're absolutely right. That's definitely not edgy alternative music.

We're just fans of all kinds of music. We have tens of thousands of records of all genres and I can you know I can appreciate the fine points of each kind of music. I just never wanted to be pigeonholed as a rap producer. I grew up listening to black music in the seventies and eighties. But I definitely was listening to rock records and jazz records and classical records to find inspiration for the rap songs we were putting together. We were really fortunate to be able to bridge from rap into rock and alternative and jazz and spoken word and all the weird stuff that we've worked on.